Special Offers


Loyalty pays off!


Loyal Customer and Referral Program 

Receive a $15 credit with every 5 new referral clients.  Referrals are counted by ordered booked AND deposit paid by the person you refer, prior to getting a credit for this.  Just make sure they tell us you sent them, so you receive credit for the referral (or you can email to let us know you sent them our way)! 


Military and Emergency Personnel Discount 

All active military, veterans, police officers, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, and first responders will receive 10% off there order.  Proof is required, and can be submitted via picture message or presented at pick up.  Please mention this discount when placing your order.  Discount cannot be combined with any other special offers I may have going at the time you place your order. (Sorry, nurses and doctors do not qualify at this time).