Cake/Icing Flavors


We offer a wide variety of cake flavors, as well as colored cake options and multiple icing flavors. The complete lists, along with pricing, are given below for each.  The listed pricing is in addition to the standard cake price. 


YES, we do have allergy-friendly flavors (listed at the bottom of this page). Most any type of allergy can be accommodated.  Call us!

Standard Cake Flavors

These flavors are included in the cake price.  One flavor per tier or ¼ sheet may be chosen.



Birthday Cake (vanilla with sprinkles)

Chocolate Fudge

Marble (This can be any two standard flavors, swirled together in one cake)

Basic Carrot





Red Velvet



Deluxe Cake Flavors

Any of these flavors may be added for an additional $5 per tier or ¼ sheet.  Because we aim to meet every client’s needs, we can make almost any flavor you desire, so please feel free to inquire about a flavor if you don’t see it listed.  The possibilities are endless.  All flavors not listed in the standard flavor list above are considered deluxe flavors, adding $5 per tier or ¼ sheet ordered.  


Milk Chocolate

German Chocolate


Butter Rum




Deluxe Carrot (basic carrot cake with pecans and raisins added) 

Tuxedo (layered chocolate and vanilla in a single tier; not available in single layer sheet cakes)

Velvet Cake (Red is a standard flavor, but we can also make velvet cake in any other color of your choice) 

Chocolate Covered Cherry

Triple Chocolate Fudge

White Chocolate

White Chocolate Fruit (white chocolate cake with your choice of fruit flavor; strawberry is the most commonly added)

Chocolate Fruit (chocolate cake with your choice of fruit flavor; strawberry is the most commonly added)

Mixed Fruit (your choice of 2-3 fruit flavors mixed into the batter, such as pineapple orange or strawberry lemon)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (a mixture of chocolate chip cookie dough and vanilla cake)

Mint Chocolate Chip (mint cake with chocolate chips)

Chocolate Chip (vanilla cake with chocolate chips)

Chocolate Toffee (chocolate cake with chocolate toffee bits) Chocolate Espresso (chocolate cake with espresso)

Soda Cakes (your choice of soda flavor mixed into the batter)

Energy Drinks (your choice of energy drink mixed into the batter) 


Salted Caramel

Chocolate Caramel

White Chocolate Caramel

Bubble Gum



Cotton Candy

Cookies n’ Cream (vanilla cake infused with Oreo cookie pieces)

Candy Cakes (your favorite candy mixed into the batter) 

Butter Pecan

Peanut Butter 

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Banana

PB&J (peanut butter cake with your choice of jam mixed in) 

Chocolate Almond

White Chocolate Almond 


Chocolate Butterscotch 

Pumpkin Spice

Cinnamon Roll

Apple Cinnamon

Chocolate Mint (chocolate cake with a hint of mint flavor) 

Rocky Road (chocolate cake with marshmallows and nuts) 

Turtle Cake (chocolate cake with caramel and pecans) 

Orange Creamsicle (actual orange creamsicles melted down and added to orange batter) 

Banana Split (chocolate cake with strawberries and bananas) 





Lemonade or Limeade 

Strawberry Lemonade or Limeade

Raspberry Lemonade or Limeade

Pink Lemonade 

Cherry Limeade

French Vanilla

Caramel Apple

S’Mores (Chocolate cake with a graham cracker bottom and mini marshmallows mixed in)

Italian Cream

Wedding Cake (Almond cake with coconut mixed in) 

Margarita (non-alcoholic)

Strawberry Daiquiri (non-alcoholic) 

Pina Colada (non-alcoholic) 

Blueberry Hibiscus

Fruity Pebbles




Colored Cakes

Vanilla cake can be colored to any color of your choice.  We can also do tye-dye and camouflage coloring of the cake.  The fee for this is $3 per tier or ¼ sheet for single colors, or $5 per tier or ¼ sheet for multi-colored, such as tye-dye or camouflage.  


Icing Flavors and Fillings - **NOT all icings listed below can be used on all types of cakes.  Some simply will not work with stacked, tiered, or sculpted cakes.**

Vanilla buttercream, regular cream cheese frosting, and chocolate buttercream are available at no additional charge.  All other flavors of any type are $3-$5 extra per tier. 

Fresh fruit, cookies, candies, etc can be used as fillings between the cake layers for an additional $5 per tier.  Only your imagination can limit the choices of fillings!!


**Healthy Sugar Free Toddler Icing - This icing is great for little ones who have sensitive tummies!  It is made with light cream cheese and apple juice concentrate to sweeten it instead of cane sugar!  **This cannot be colored and is a thin consistency, so it is only recommended for smash cakes.**


Filling ideas:

Fresh fruit Fillings of any kind can be added to any layered cake

Chocolate Chips

Any type of candy

Chocolate mousse

If you think of something not listed, please feel free to ask, because the possibilities are endless and way too vast to list here. :)




These flavors are meant to mimic the drink they are named after, and do contain alcohol in the cake itself, as well as in the filling/icing. 

The cake is also glazed with the liquor used in the drink. These flavors are an additional $8 per tier or ¼ sheet. 

Margarita – made with margarita mixer and tequila in vanilla cake 

Strawberry Daiquiri – made with strawberries, strawberry daiquiri mixer, and rum in vanilla cake

Mudslide - Dark chocolate fudge cake infused with espresso and Kahlua, and topped/filled with Kahlua Mudslide flavored buttercream frosting

Chocolate Rum – dark chocolate fudge cake with dark rum added in 

Malibu Madness – vanilla cake with coconut rum 

Cosmos – vanilla cake with orange liqueur and cranberry vodka 

Chocolate Coffee Kick – Chocolate cake with coffee liqueur

Lemon Drop – Lemon cake with lemon vodka 

Sangria – vanilla cake with red wine, fruit juice, and a splash of brandy

Jack Daniel’s Delight – dark chocolate fudge cake with a splash of whiskey Berry Boozy – vanilla cake with raspberry liqueur and a raspberry

jam mixed in Mudslide – chocolate cake with Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish Cream 

Pina Colada – Pineapple cake with coconut rum 

Banana Daiquiri – vanilla cake with bananas and rum 

Tropical Sunrise – Pineapple Orange cake with coconut rum

Allergy-Friendly Flavors


Allergies do not keep us from making cakes in amazing designs; We can do almost anything that we would do with regular 

cakes and icings!


Many people suffer from food allergies or medical conditions requiring a restricted diet (such as sugar free).  To offer our quality products to those people, as well, we are able to make cupcakes and cakes that are sugar free, peanut free, dairy free, etc.  The menu for these will vary depending on the food restriction or allergy, so please contact us to place a special dietary order.  We can work with you to accommodate these needs and still provide you with wonderful cakes and cupcakes!!  We make EVERY effort to keep these options as affordable as possible, and try our best not to have added costs for these special treats.  However, some necessary ingredients are considerably more expensive than "regular" ingredients, and will require an additional fee on the order.  We will discuss these on a case-by-case basis with each client, so please don't hesitate to contact us!


We also have a healthy Toddler cake and icing that uses natural ingredients such as wheat flour, as well as bananas and apples to sweeten them, avoiding artificial flavorings and a ton of sugar for sensitive tummies!! 

Here is a general list of most common:

Wheat Free


We can do pretty much any flavor in gluten free. All of my buttercream frostings and fondant are gluten and dairy free, as well.


Peanut/Tree Nut Free

We can do vanilla, yellow, chocolate, and any fruit flavor (using fresh fruit mixed in with cake batter) of cake in a NUT FREE version.

Frostings: Buttercream, cream cheese, Chocolate buttercream, and marshmallow fondant are all NUT FREE.


Dairy free,  Eggless, and Vegan

For those with dairy, milk, and egg allergies, we can make nearly any flavor in dairy, egg, nut, and/or soy free. 

Frostings: Buttercream, chocolate buttercream, and fondant are all DAIRY  and NUT FREE.  These are also vegan recipes.


Sugar Free

White, chocolate, and any fruit flavor (using fresh fruit mixed into cake batter) of cake can be done in sugar free.  I can also add your choice of sugar free pudding or candy fillings to cupcakes or cakes.  Fresh fruit makes a nice filling, as well.

Frostings/Fillings: Vanilla or chocolate cream cheese icing; cream cheese whipped cream icing, or fruit icings using real fruit.  Can also add coconut or other type of sugar free treats to make specialty flavored frostings or fillings, or even as garnishes for cupcakes or cakes.


Dye Free

We can do a variety of pastel  and chocolate colored and flavored frostings and basic cake flavors in dye free versions for those with allergies to food dyes.  Please contact us to discuss these options.

We also offer low sodium (18mg per serving, as opposed to around 100mg per serving in regular cake) and gluten free options!

If you need something, but don't see it here, please let us know.  If there is a way, we can do it!!

**Disclaimer: We are NOT a nut, wheat, dairy free facility.  We do use these ingredients in our other items.  While we make every effort to ensure a clean work environment, and prevention of cross contamination, we cannot provide you with 100% certainty of zero contact, since these items are present in the bakery.  Only those facilities that do not use certain products are able to make this claim.  If you have severe allergies, you should not risk consuming our products.**